Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number 2024

Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number 2024- Cash Papa App


Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number 2024: Nowadays an app called Cash Papa Loan Pro is becoming quite popular through which we can easily take loans. But when we apply for a loan in this app, this app charges us some fees which we do not get back and also we find it difficult to get the loan.

In such a situation, many people are looking for Cash Papa Loan customer care number and want to contact them. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number and will also share some other information related to this app.

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Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number 2024

What is the Cash Papa Loan App?


Cash Papa is a loan-giving app with the help of which we can take a loan of up to ₹ 200000 sitting at home with the digital process. Due to the easy process of taking a loan, this app has been Installed more than 5000000 times from the Play Store.

To take a loan, we have to submit some necessary documents and along with this, some fees are also charged. But for your information, let us tell you that this is a fake application that cheats people of money in the name of a loan.


Due to the negative experiences of people, this app was also been removed from the Google Play Store in August 2022. Neither is it an NBSE-approved company nor does it follow RBI rules. In such a situation, Cash Papa app cannot be trusted at all.

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Cash Papa Pro App Review

Many people have had negative experiences with Cash Papa. Actually, this is a fake app that cheats people in the name of a loan. If you create your account after Installing this app, then some money will be asked as fees.


When you deposit money, the money will be deducted from your account and will go to your father’s account, after which neither you will get the loan nor will you ever get your money back. Therefore, it is better not to take loans from apps like Cash Papa.

Here we also get to see how despite having an app with more than 5 million Installations, it still scams people, and people also easily become victims of this fraud.

Therefore, it is better that before taking a loan from any app, do proper research about it so that you do not become a victim of any kind of fraud.

Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number 2024

When the user’s money is not returned then the user searches the customer care number of Cash Papa Pro Loan so that he can talk to them and get his money. But let us tell you that being a scam app, Cash Papa keeps changing its customer care number from time to time. But you can try to contact Cash Papa Personal Loan Customer Care through these contact numbers;

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  • +91 9832272523
  • 9635468392
  • +91 9679938118
  • 9831957108

Since Cash Papa Company is now closed, you may face delays in talking to CashPapa Personal Loan Customer Support.

However, if you want a loan up to Rs 50000 then you can know which is the best loan giving app. You can also learn how to take a loan from Urgent Mobile.

How to contact Customer Care of Cash Papa Loan?

As we have understood it is very difficult to get in touch with the customer care of Cash Papa. But still, we should know here how we can contact Cash Papa Customer Care. For this, you can dial the customer care number of Cash Papa on your phone, about which we have given information above.

Once you get a response from them, you can lodge your complaint. Apart from this, to complain to Cash Papa, you can also send an email to their official email ID. Maybe you may get a response from them.

Cash Papa Loan Real or Fake?

After getting so much information, it becomes easy for us to understand that Cash Papa Loan is a Fake App. Many people have been cheated of money by this app and for this reason this app was removed from the Play Store in August 2022.

However, this app is still available on some other websites due to which people are still getting cheated by Cash Papa. In such a situation, we should understand that neither should we use Cash Papa ourselves nor should we allow others to use it. So that no other person can be cheated of money.

What to do if Cash Papa app has Cheated us?

If you feel that you have been scammed by S Papa, then first of all you should block your bank account and debit card so that no more money is deducted from your bank. You should also inform your bank about this road.

Now you will have to lodge a report with Cyber Police and give them your necessary information. Along with this, consumer complaints should also be made about the app on the internet so that other people do not become victims of this fraud. You should avoid taking loans from such apps.

5 Best Alternatives to Cash Papa Pro Loan App

Knowing about the Cash Papa loan scam makes it difficult to trust any loan app. But we should also know that not all loan-giving apps are fake. There are many such apps available on the internet which give us loans at low interest rates with easy processes. We are going to tell you about some of these apps that you can use as alternatives to Cash Papa:-

1 PaySense
3 Navi
4 Money View
5 Nira

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FAQs: Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number 2024

After reading so many negative reviews about Cash Papa on the internet, many questions arise in the minds of people. Now we will discuss about these questions so that the dilemma of people regarding this app can be resolved.

What is Cash Papa Loan?

Cash Papa is a Loan Dene Wala App that provides us the facility to take loan through online methods while sitting at home. However, its many negative reviews on the internet tell us that this is one such application that cheats money.

Is Cash Papa Pro App available on the Play Store?

No! Earlier Cash Papa was available on Play Store and it was installed more than 5000,000 times. However, due to Fraudulent Activities, this app was removed from the Play Store in August 2022.

How to avoid Cash Papa loan scam?

To avoid apps like Cash Papa, before installing any loan app, you should research it thoroughly and know about its reviews. This will help you a lot in avoiding such loan apps.

What should I do if Cash Papa has cheated me?

If you have been defrauded by Kya S Papa, then first of all you should change the password of your debit card and internet banking so that your money is not deducted and you should also report to the cyber police.

Can the money that Cash Papa has defrauded me be recovered?

Recovering the money that Cash Papa has cheated you with is a very difficult task. However, if you report to the cyber police, they will try to help you fully. But it is better to avoid these Fake Loan Apps in the future.

What is Cash Papa’s Email ID?

Due to different applications, the exact email ID of Cash Papa cannot be ascertained. But has S Papa made his email ID jacobwork0823@gmail.Com available on the internet?.

Is Cash Papa Pro a Trusted App?

No way! Due to so many negative reviews of Cash Papa, this app cannot be trusted at all. You should avoid such apps.

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Even though Cash Papa has been installed more than 50 lakh times from the Play Store, people are still being cheated by it. And many people easily become victims of this type of fraud.

In such a situation, the government should take strict action against such apps and people should also get all the information about that app before applying for a loan on any kind of loan app. So that this type of fraud can be avoided.

If you have any questions related to Cash Papa Loan Customer Care Number, please tell us in the comment box below.

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