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Mass Effect 5 is still a doubtful thing to confirm. Lately, there was a release of Mass Effect Andromeda. But it was plagued with problems and got mixed reviews. After that, the source also told about working on other projects like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Anthem. After all, it was a shock for the fans. The project director Mike Gamble asked the fans on Twitter on November 7, 2019, about the future series. He asked whether they want to go in the future.

After all, this predicted the overhaul pf Anthem before officially announced in 2020. It was just after they claimed that the Mass Effect 5 was in development at Bioware. Bioware’s executive producer Mark Darrah already told that no one is planning to abandon the Mass Effect franchise. There are many angles from Mass Effect still to be explored. So, the developers will work on it, he added.

There was a video got released in Bioware’s Twitter account with the hashtag #MassRelays. Even though the video was nothing but it had a Mass Effect soundtrack. But it also not turned out as planned. Instead, it became the celebration of the series music. After all, it is sure that the game will take even years to come in front of gamers. Now there is news that Bioware is developing a Mass Effect new game, which is currently in its very early stages of planning. The game is said to take a long time to release and it’s expected by 2021.

Since the negative reviews about the last release, fans have higher demands for new game. They want a more linear mission design they have previously seen many repetitive side missions without one cannot carry on with the primary purpose. We hope that Mass Effect 5 will not disappoint fans and make sure they deliver better than they previously did.

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