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The Young and the Restless debuted March 26, 1973, and since has focused on elegance, wealth and big business and Reading in Genoa city and the players are the Abbotts, Chancellors and the Newmans and the spoilers for the week of January 6 to 10 tease that some surprises are on the way and In Y&R’s weekly preview video, Phyllis summers gets some news that leaves her taken aback. And she all initially get the wrong idea when she butts in on a conversation between Nick Newman and Devon Hamilton.

After Rey gets a work call and has to take off, Sharon will call to set up a mammogram and an ultrasound and next Mariah will come in looking troubled and Sharon will immediately sense that something’s wrong, so Mariah will admit scared and she all be afraid everything is going to change.



It’s been an emotional few days for Sharon and she is living many women’s worst nightmare after finding a lump in her breast and Sharon’s doing all the right things by wasting no time and calling her doctor but it does not stop her heart from aching. And everyone needs someone to lean an and Mariah has strong shoulders and a gentle heart and if it’s currently breaking and the young and the restless airs weekdays on CBS. This is not the first time Tessa’s hidden the truth and outright lied to Mariah and It’s been one skeleton after another flying out of Tessa’s closet and Mariah’s reaching her breaking points and enough is enough, Mariah slams out of the apartment for some much needed time away from her girlfriend.

He all insist it was time to let Chelsea go, so Phyllis will undoubtedly agree he better off without her. and He all deliver an ultimatum, but Adam does not do the greatest with those.

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