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The wings Television show is a Drama series about the Royal Flying Corps that ran on BBC Television from 1997 to 1978 and It stars Tim Woodward as Alan Farmer a young blacksmith turned fighter pilot in world war l. And this show is created and written by Barry Thomas and Julian Bond And directed by Jim Goddard.

The 1 web show was screened on BBC One on Sundays from 2 January 1977 to 20 March 1977 and the 2 we show shown on BBC One on Thursdays from 5 January 1978 to 30 March 1978.


Nicholas Jones played his teacher and mentor, captain Triggers and Michael Cochrane played his upper-class friend, Charles Gaylion who began a relationship with Farmer’s girlfriend while the farmer was believed dead, shot down over France.

  • Nicholas Jones as Captain Owen Triggers
  • Tim Woodward as Lieutenant Alan Farmer
  • Michael Cochrane as Lieutenant Charles Galyon
  • David Troughton as Lieutenant Richard Bravington
  • Sarah Porter as Lorna Collins

Actors who played small parts in the web show and later became well known in bigger roles and characters included Anthony Andrews, Simon Cadell, Jane Lapotaire and Tim Pigott Smith.



Lowell’s contract expired at the end of the season, making him a free agent and when the producers of Wings realized his threat to bolt was not a negotiating ploy and they tried another approach.


The web show reveals that the British pilots are struggling with airplanes which are both unreliable and inferior to the german machines and with an Establishment that classes voicing an opinion to that effect as being tantamount to cowardice. And the Airman must also face the resentment of British soldiers who seem them having an easy life. And the web show takes great care with historical accuracy covering the early days of the parachute and the fitting of weaponry to British biplanes interrupter gear they had to be fired at an angle rather than through the propellers and the horrors of trench warfare.

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