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Indian prime minister Narendra Modi appealed to India to follow the curfew on 22nd march. The curfew will start from in the early morning at 5:00 am to 7:00 pm. Prime minister Narendra Modi requested to all the people of India to stay in their places. The Indian government has to take this step just because of coronavirus. as we can see from the past few days the virus is spreading so fast in our country and most of the cases of this virus are found in Maharashtra.

The coronavirus is on the 2nd stage in India there are 175 plus cases all around India in all states. Gym, school, colleges, night club, and the social center have been closing. States were also directed by the government to force the company’s department to make staff work from home. Some government employees are set to stagger their shifts and alternate working in the office.

Pm Narendra Modi also said that there is no need to collect extra stuff from the market because it can cause a shortage of supply in the public. The prime minister urges senior citizens of over 65 years to not hanging around here and there for the next upcoming weeks and also said that senior citizens take care of themselves very tightly because of the risk of this virus is high in senior citizens because of the immune system of 65 years are week as compare to the young people. The world is collectively facing this virus, even during the world wars, these many countries weren’t affected. In the past two months, whole Indians fought this pandemic together but we are not safe from this pandemic. If possible call at least 5 peoples every day and tell them about the Janta curfew as well as tell them to take precautions from the virus.

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