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With rare bipartisanship and speed, Washington is said to deliver massive, unprecedented legislation to speed help to individuals and businesses as the coronavirus pandemic takes a devastating toll on the US economy and health care system. The house is set to pass the sprawling, dollar 2.2 trillion measure on Friday morning after an extraordinary 96-0 senate vote late Wednesday. President Donald Trump marveled at the unanimity Thursday and is eager to sign the package of law.

It is unlikely to be the end of the federal response. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that issues like more generous food stamp payment, aid to state and local governments and family leave may be revisited in subsequent legislation.

The legislation will pour USD 1200 direct payments to individuals and flood of subsidized loans grants and tax breaks to businesses facing extinction in an economy shutdown caused as Americans self – isolated by the tens of millions. It drafts prior Washington efforts to take on economic crises and natural disasters such as 2008.


Friday’s house sessions will also be unprecedented. Originally scheduled as a non-working pro forma meeting, the session will be extended to a debate on the bill all conducted under social distancing rule to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R – Ohio, one of the house conservative leaders, said he wasn’t aware of anyone planning to block voice vote Friday but planned to talk more with colleagues before the vote. If that’s the method used to get this to the American people, to get this passed, then I think lots of members are probably OK with that, Jordan said.

The power of the argument that we had that you need a strong govt. To solve this problem both health and economy carried the day Schumer told the associated press on Thursday.

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