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Usher Says “Nicki Minaj Is A Product Of Lil Kim”

The latest “VERZUZ” battle between Nelly and Ludacris just wrapped up and now Swizz Beatz is already working on the next round. During an Instagram Live with the producer and R&B singer Usher, the two discussed who should be next up for the challenge. While throwing out some names, Swizz mentioned Hip-Hop icon Lil Kim vs the talented Nicki Minaj. However, it looks like the “Confessions” singer wasn’t here for those options.

Swizz explained that he’s been seeing a lot of people asking for a Kim and Nicki battle. But Usher hesitated before saying, “Nicki is a product of Kim.” It looks like Usher was trying to elaborate but Swizz cut him off to let him know that he’s already trending on Twitter. While some people didn’t take his comment as shade toward the New York MC, many people did, especially her fans.


To say fans are not happy with Usher right now would be an understatement. As documented, Minaj and Lil’ Kim have had a history of tension. So once Usher’s comments hit the timeline, Barbz ignored Kim’s lasting impact on rap to take Usher’s remarks as a shot fired at Nicki. This prompted Minaj’s loyal fans to troll the singer in her defense. 

Usher said Nicki is a product of Kim like Nicki ain’t surpassed Kim’s ass 10 times over and Kim can’t even rap no more. How can a product outdo the original? No sequel to an amazing movie does well most times… so how can Nicki be a product of another bitch? Nicki is Nicki 🛑— honey drip 🍯💧 (@_honeydrip_) May 17, 2020.

This isn’t the only potential Verzuz battle that has been making headlines. On Monday, N.O.R.E. revealed Swizz is in talks with DMX and Eminem to get a hit-for-hit battle lined up between the two. Dark Man X also wants Jay-Z to throw his hat in the ring and have a hits battle with him.

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