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Tower Of God‘ is Crunchyroll’s first anime based on a South Korean webtoon. Test arcs are a staple of the shonen battle anime genre. In Hunter X Hunter, Gon and his friends descended Trick Tower to undergo the Hunter Exam. Naruto and his teammates risked their lives in the forest of Death to complete the Chunin Exams.

Now, Tower of God is betting its entire storyline on the captivating power of the exam on wed, Crunchyroll debuted its TV anime adaption of Tower of God, featuring a deadly rower with the life-threatening trials on every floor. The show is based on South Korea webtoon the name by Lee Jong Hui (Pen name “slave in Utero” or simply SIU) Which is available in English, Legally and free, on the webtoon website and app. The comic, Which runs three seasons and hundred of chapters, Has accrued 4.5 billion views worldwide.

Ellation, Crunchyroll’s parent company, gave me a screener of the first and second episodes of Tower of God review. What I encountered was what webtoon readers already knew: this exam story relies on tried-and-true troupe shortcuts in order to immediately hook audiences. This premise doesn’t get any points for originality.

It’s about a boy on a quest to save a girl. The curtain rises on a seemingly ordinary boy named Bam who has someone defied the odds and made it into the exclusive Tower of God, Which we’re told that only the d’s strongest can enter, usually in a very regimented way. Bam is on a mission to catch up with Rachel, who is climbing the tower from the very first floor. He is forced to risk his life for the privilege, but a few clutch allies and some good luck keep him in the game.

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