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The Actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, were tested positive for Corona Virus. And Both had experienced symptoms like fevers, tiredness, body ache. The pandemic has turned into a global threat and has penetrated every continent except Antarctica. The couple is posting positive posts to lessen the terror of the people towards Corona Virus and is thankful to everyone who has cared for them.

Tom Hanks posted an update on his official Instagram account Tuesday evening. Tom and Rita Wilson, are currently in Australia where they have been recovering after testing positive for the coronavirus. On Monday It was confirmed that the couple had been released from a Queensland hospital and gone into Self-quarantine.

Tom Hanks’s latest Instagram Post proves that he’s just like us, It seems a week of seclusion is getting to him, at least a little, No fever but the blahs, and Tom Hanks wrote, announcing that he had toted a typewriter to Australia with him for no apparent reason, from a brand that is eerily apt.

There’s also the simple fact that when a celebrity contracts a disease, that illness suddenly seems more real to people.

On the basis of reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), Australia has more than 120 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Prime Minister Scott Morrison‘s government, has declared an amount of $11.4 billion plan for the country’s economy during the epidemic.

Tom Hanks wrote on Instagram and in a tweet on Thursday, We felt a bit tired like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita Wilson had some chills that came and went, Slight fevers too. Tom Hanks, a 2 time Oscar winner, and Rita Wilson are both 63, which places them in a somewhat elevated risk category from the disease COVID-19 that is caused by the Coronavirus, which tends to be more serious in older individuals. And the disease has killed more than 4, 500 people worldwide since It was first identified in December in central china, most people who become infected show either mild and no symptoms.

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