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A Fake Death story about actor Will Smith and his rapper son Jaden Smith is circulating on Facebook. The Post surfaced in early December 2019 and displays a photograph of a mangled vehicle, a photo of the father and son with “RIP” above their names. and claims the two died in a crash after a truck and their car collide. This is Hoax, Actor Will Smith and his son was not killed, injured and involved in a car crash.c

This is not the first celebrity to e killed off by internet pranksters. Poor Betty White seems to die every week on Facebook. It might look like not a big deal, but these posts can have a sinister purpose.


This is an attempt to bait people into sharing a celebrity hoax on their Facebook pages and to click on the video as a way to redirect them to other websites where they are subjected to pop-up ads.

But this is true It’s fake! We wanted to highlight this because we got a panicked call from a viewer. She said she saw this on Facebook and had to know if it was true right then. She was getting on a cruise ship where there’d be no wifi, and she said it would bug her the whole trip if she didn’t know for sure.


And other technical experts have found clicking on posts like this could help hackers install a virus and spyware into your cellphone and computer.

In any case, Using popular celebrities to make fake news is a surefire way for a page to trend so death hoaxes about them are very common these days. Moreover, this isn’t the first time Jaden Smith has been reported to have died, as the rapper has also fallen victim to death rumors as far return as 2016.

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