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It’s smooth and sailing between American actor Denise Richards and her ex-husband charlie sheen according to the former. As per the news, the two were married from 2002 to 2006 and share daughters 16 years old Sam and 14 years old Lola. Forty-nine years old Richard opened up about the current state in a relationship with the sheen in a recent interview with e weekly. She said, ” communications great with him Aaron and I actually saw him in the other day”.

The cast member of the real housewife of the severe hills said that while shes discussed the custody battle between sheen and herself on the show her ex-husband doesn’t watch the show. The undercover brother star said, I don’t even think he knows but he knows obviously when you file something in court that it’s public. He and I have dealt with his stuff for gosh 14, 15 years.

She added we try to keep separate from things, but he doesn’t even say anything other than very positively. It’s all good. Richards said the sheen is luck because she never took him in court, adding it’s such a toxic road, it brings up so much like anxiety. While Richard’s friend offered some advice she said she confident she knows to navigate her relationship with sheen.

The scary movie 3 stars then said in confessional, I appreciate the advice but of anyone knows charlie it’s me and I know how to handle it. Sheen is the father of three other children 35 years old Cassandra and 11 years old twin bob and max. And since their divorce, Richard had adopted a daughter Eloise.