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The Japanese manga series Re: Zero will be back for a new season. The series put a halt on it’s run after the first season, which came out in 2019. Re: Zero was renewed for the second season in March 2019, and the same will come out in 2020.

The anime series is adapted from a Japanese mangas series of the same name. The dark fantasy novel series was written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka first came out in 2012. Re: Zero novels got a wonderful reception upon its release. It remains one of the top-selling manga series to this date. And, in 2017, it was the best selling novel of that year.

Due to this success, the RE: ZERO series got prompted many to go for an anime adaption, and many actually did. The first one was announced in 2015. It was directed by Masaharu Watanabe and released by Kadokawa. The series made it’s arrival to the screens in 2016 and was met with mainly positive reviews. The series is being simulcasted by the famous Crunchyroll firm. Crunchyroll distributes series or content from all over the world in the US dubbed in English. They have worked on many series such as Attack on Titans, Goblin Slayer, etc. All of which turned out to have a popular response and critical acclaim.

RE: ZERO – The second part of the first season in English came out in 2019. The renewal was a piece of expected news owing to the popularity of the series. The series was supposed to arrive in April 2020. But as of now, the plans have gone hallways. The coronavirus pandemic, which has gripped the world, has affected the Post-production works of the series. So, the release has been postponed to July 2020. This has been done with the hope that the crisis will be under control by then. But if it does not, we will have to wait quite a bit more. So, it’s as they say in Infinity War, A small price to pay for Salvation.

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