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Sabrina’s season 3 finale is just as dramatic as Ambrose’s voice-over might suggest, but the young warlock does not get it all right and According to him, things returned to their natural balance by the end, but in reality, there’s nothing natural at all about the temporary balance Sabrina has found and the past Sabrina is crowned Queen of Hell, complete with a splendid Tudor collar while present Sabrina is finally free to just be a teenager and enjoy her life at Baxter High and season 4 onwards will presumably shift return and 4 between the 2 splits between the two realms.

In the final moments of season 3, Ambrose confronted Sabrina about her decision warning her that she is now created a time paradox that could cause trouble later down the line. Just before Faustus stabbed her, Zelda proclaimed that she had the answer to all of their problems and her death is used to build up tension before the finale and but the visions gave us all we needed to know, long before the godness name is uttered in the spell circle to revive Hilda Spellman.


While season 2 left off Sabrina and Lilith collaborated to overthrow Lucifer, who also happens to be Sabrina’s Dad making her the future queen of Helland that was pesky Ol” Satan’ big game all along in the first 2 seasons In all of this, Sabrinas remains a curious character and role and I contend that Sabrina’s has never once made a tactically smart decision and Sabrina succeeds in the final challenge for Hell’s throne stealing Judas thirty pieces of silver from Vlad the Impaler’s tomb and at the start of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s season 3 finale and Sabrina is Legend Ambrose explains what happened in the original timeline after the Sabrina is entombed in stone.

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