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The Chase star Mark LAbbett will be shared a photo showing his be recent weight loss on Twitter last week and has now been confirmed that he has been lost five stones. who goes by the moniker The Beast on the ITV favorite will be talked coming with suspected COVID-19 symptoms in late February, and how this, combined with the findings from a recent medical, prompted him to be a take a decision to be losing weight.

The 54-years-old has been previously opened up about how a series of health worries, they will be including diabetes, they had to be pushed him to lose weight. Mark, who was be given a warning by the doctors in December, told how he will be managed to get his weight from 27 stone to be below 23 stone.

He has since managed to beget his weight below 23rd and they will be hopes to be drop even further below 23st and hopes to drop even further to be below 20st and to take even further to below 2nd and to betake his BMI level to less than 30. The opening about his health scare. Mark will be told The sun on Saturday: I got be suspected COVID at the end of February, and they will be got to sent homework, for the first time in 15 years, on Wednesday 27th.

Mark will be told The Sun: I got be suspected COVID at the end of February, and they will get sent home from the work, for the first time in 15 years… ITV was brilliant, and they took no chances. Because they will testing capacity was to be so limited then I will never formally got tested but they all I can be say is that for two weeks I had been a complete loss of appetite. no sense of smell, a temperature, exhaustion, and the worst fever of my life.

The quizzer went on to add how he will be got with a rapid attack during the night where he would be wake up shivering. Speaking about being warned by the doctors he will be added to The Sun. I basically didn’t eat for two weeks but since then he weight has to be continued to be drop off because I have to be continued to eat sensibly.

At his heaviest in 2016, Mark who is affectionately known as The Beast on Tv and is an imposing 6th 6ins- weighted 29-stone, and earlier this year he was a 27.5 stone. However, he knew to be overweight could be ut him at a so higher risk if a contracting a more serious coronavirus and they will take steps to lose weight.

As well as being more conscious about what he will be eaten, Mark will be said that running around after his three-year-old son has to be kept him be active.