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One of the biggest transformations that Goku has achieved in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super has been a power that even the gods take notice of in the form of Ultra Instinct, and one fan has created a new piece of art that shows off the highest level that the Saiyan warrior first achieved during the Tournament of Power! With the Moro Arc once again bringing a focus onto the transformation that only Son Goku has achieved to this date, this piece of art does a great job of bringing back the full form of the power-up!

Ultra Instinct was first gained by Goku when he was unsuccessful at defeating Jiren using a Spirit Bomb, with the alien fighter from Universe 11 simply knocking it back at the Saiyan fighter. With Goku managing to survive the blast, he also found his way into a level of power that caused Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction to halt in their tracks and take notice of the achievement. While Goku wasn’t able to maintain the form long enough to defeat Jiren single-handed, a team-up with both Freeza and Android 17 scored Universe 7 a big victory when it came to the Tournament of Power!


Reddit User Omarsk8 shared this impressive fan poster that gives us a new take of Goku wielding the power of his newest transformation that he learned during the Tournament of Power in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, and has been attempting to master during the latest arc of the manga in the fight against Moro:

In the Moro Arc, Goku hasn’t unleashed the full power of Ultra Instinct against the energy-absorbing wizard, but he has trained to the point where he is able to utilize the transformation far better than he had during the Tournament of Power arc. With Vegeta training on the Planet Yardrat to acquire new power-ups and new techniques, it will be interesting to see how, and if, the Ultra Instinct transformation comes back into play in the Akira Toriyama franchise!