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Here’s what new video in demand, Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, and other services. Star wars: the rise of skywalker, (2019, p.g 13 ) bring the final trilogy in the odyssey began by George Lucas in the original 1977 star wars” to its conclusion with a roller- coaster ride of the science – fiction adventure.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland voice the elf brothers on a quest to resurrect their dead father’s In the Pixar animated fantasy ” onward” (2020 P.G). Disney+ makes it available just weeks after it was in the theater.

The amazon prime original series ” tales from the loop” inspired by the work of Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag is part science fiction anthology and part family drama set in a town where a secret experimental facility makes the impossible a regular occurrence.

Ceiling sciamma’s ravishing 18th-century drama ” portrait of the lady on fire ” is touching, nuanced and looks like it has been painted on the screen. It wins two awards at the Cannes film festival and makes it a streaming debut in Hulu.

if you’ be exhausted ” the office ” ” 30 rocks “,” or the good place ” try the inventive assemble comedy “community: complete series ” from the creator Dan Harmon. It stars Joel Mchale as a suspended lawyer leading a dysfunctional study group on a community college campus. Streaming on Netflix.

STAR WARS THE RISE OF SKYWALKER – It’s Thomas Edison vs. George Westinghouse in ” the current wars: directors cut. Premium VOD: the award-winning India drama. ” Never rarely sometimes always ” about two teenage cousins who travel to new york city after an unintended pregnancy, is available for home rental at a premium rate.

Hulu, Idris Elba plays a driven London detective with a penchant for dispensing his own justice in the dark BBC crime drama “Luther: complete series.

other streams like ” home before dark” set in fictional town Washington state, dramatize the real-life story of a nine-year-old investigative journalist.

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