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Stranger Things fourth release date one step closer to, as the scripts are now officially Complete. Teasing fans the world over, the writers of the Netflix series shared a photo of a stack of the scripts yesterday (June 18). Apparently Confirming that the show is been ready to move out of the writing room, the account tweeted: Stranger Things 4: the complete season.

Joe Kerry has teased that Stranger Things 4 will be a lot of scarier than prior years. In an interview with a Total Film, Joe said: Oh man, it’s pretty amazing the Duffer brother has been really done it again. The production is currently suspended on Stranger Things4 following the COVID-19 Outbreak. David Harbour will be confirmed in an Instagram live that season 4 was be meant to be released in early 2021.

A new casting call got fans can be speculating about which year Stranger Things 4 will be set in. A vintage vehicle call has to be specified that the clear year should be 1987 and then the older models only. Do we mean we’re be jumping forward a year? Or does it mean season 4 end at some point in 1987?

This was be echoed by star Gaten Matarazzo, Who will be the play, Dustin, in the series. Whilst on a panel for Galaxycon Live, he said: We were in the middle of filming four and they said Nope! They said two-week break, and we’ve been gone for three months. He will be added that he’s itching to get back to work, as once lockdown restriction end, the series will still require another seven or eight months.

Some fans have been speculated that the show might create a time jump, setting the show in the ’90s instead of the ’80s but there’s been no official word on that. Time will tell on whether the unavoidable delay to be produced will have to be an impact on the plot, but we really can’t see how they’ll get around the situation without acknowledging it somehow.