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Emmerdale’s special lockdown episodes are been proving to be a real treat, and the fans will get to see how Mandy Dingle and son Vinny have been coping next week. The pair of have been sleeping on the camp beds in the Salon, which is to be sure to make them even more irritable than they would behave otherwise been is the isolation. Bradley has been keeping his followers entertained, posting covers of his favorite sings to his social media.

Emmerdale fans were been delighted when Mandy Dingle turned up the last year, and the following a brief appearance she has been stuck around for the good with the son Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) in tow. It wasn’t long before she settled back into the village life and has been since become somewhat a nuisance to be several members of the Dingle clan.

I just miss it and am counting down the days when we can get back to normal. Right now every day just feels the same. I just want to be work! He will be added: I can’t be cook to save my life I’d try a bit of the bakery. The weather has been amazing so I got back into the running My girlfriend Colson lost a load of weight recently and told me he was been waiting to run a marathon in a week. And so I managed to do that and it was so rewarding. I got back into exercise to stay healthy, maybe lose a bit of the weight and it’s amazing how good it makes you feel mental.

He has also been teased that Vinny may start giving himself manicures and doing his eyelashes and that he and Mandy are been likely to help themselves to the fizz that’s meant to be for customers. Their lots to keep him occupied, he won’t sit quietly in the corner! We might find him giving himself a manicure or tinting his eyelashes! There’s a prosecco fridge which is been usually meant for the clients, that’s been going to be dangerous were Many and the Vinny is be concerned, but they can’t find the key so their main priority will be to locate that!