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The new comedy space Force has been finally made its debut on Netflix. The comedy series shows off the people behind the scenes working ay establishing the newest military branch. The sixth armed service branch, the United States space Force has its challenges ahead and Mark Naird is been portrayed by the hilarious Steve Carrell and the Funko made him one of the highlights for their first wave of pop vinyl.

Space Force will be premiered on Netflix less than a month ago, but the comedy series has been already proven such a success that it’s officially getting its very own Funko POP! collection. The series serves as a reunion for The office US creator Greg Daniels serving and its star Steve Carell, with Daniels servings as the showrunner on this shinier workplace Comedy that the focuses on the group of people tasked with the establishing the sixth branch of the United State Armed Forces, the United States Space Force.

Even though Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the comedy, it’s a safe bet it’ll receive a second season renewal. Let’s speculate on a premiere date assuming Space Force Season 2 is happening. For states, the first season ends with not one, but the several cliffhangers and questions that will need to be answered. And sure, this wouldn’t be the first or last series to end with many unanswered questions, but we have a feeling Space Force will be one of the lucky ones.

It’s no secret that Carell is one of the busiest in the business, trough, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the wait for Season2 is even longer. Still, I’m throwing out my best guess and say that Space Force season 2 will be premiered on Netflix late 2021.

There is no word yet on whether space Fore will have a second season on the way, although Greg Daniels has been recently announced that another season is been currently planned. Netflix us been yet to give the green light for another season. But with the comedy remaining in the top 10 list since it will be hit the streaming service on the 29th May. It is more than likely that the lifespan of the show will be longer than just one season. we for on the seriously hope there is we have so many unanswered questions!