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Grammy award-winning singer James Taylor and his wife, Kim, have donated 1 million dollars to Massachusetts General Hospital which is located in ‘Boston’ to help with the battle against the spread of the danger coronavirus. This news was announced on Tuesday, It will really help a lot to a hospital and they can easily purchase the supplies, equipment, repurposing space, or further research seeking treatments and means of prevention for Coronavirus, the hospital said this in a statement.

Taylor’s donation will support the MGH President’s Emergency respond fund, which was Established after the Boston Marathon Bombings. The fund is now being used to support the development of in-house testing for COVID-19, establish a coronavirus hotline for patients, expand telemedicine, purchase sorely needed personal protective equipment and transform parts of the hospital to accommodate patients sickened by the virus. The donation we can say this gift will help a lot to the hospital, MGH was treating 29 patients who are infected by the COVID-19 virus as of Tuesday night and were treating 104 persons under investigation for the virus. Several MGH employees have also tested positive, a spokeswoman has told the herald.

Kim Taylor said the couple is proud to support the medical center that is leading the way on so many fronts. in what she called an ” unprecedented time of deep concern”. James Taylor is also won the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards famous for such hits like; “fire and rain” and “Carolina on My Mind”. Taylor is scheduled to play Fenway park with Brandie Carlile and Shawn Colvin on June 21 but because of coronavirus change the whole thing that they planned their last played concert at the ballpark in 2017. He also performed the national anthem at Fenway before game 1 of the 2018 world series.

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