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John Prine, an American could folk singer and songwriter also active as a composer or recording artist and live performance since the 1970s. He was born on 10 October 1946 in Maywood Illinois, United States. His movies are Daddy and Them, Falling from Grace. He had awards like Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Hall of Fame. He knows about his humorous style of country music that has an element of protest and social commentary. His instruments are Guitar and Vocals.

He got his Grammy Awad as a singer and songwriter on 50 years of his career playing a blend of country and folk music. In the 1960s he starts learning guitar at the age of 14.

In 1971 his song debut album was covered by musician including Johnny Cash, Bonnie Riatt, John Denver and Norah Brown. In a 2009 interview, Now Dylan listed Prine as one of his favorite songwriters. In 1981, Prine manager founded Oh Boy Records in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the second oldest artist-owned independent recommend label in the US. Prine has survived by cancer twice in his life.

In the 1990s, he had surgery to remove cancer from his neck. The Operation removed a piece of his neck and his voice would change deepening it and giving it a gravelly sound. In 2013, he underwent surgery to remove cancer in his left lungs.

It is had to give this news to you all that the greatest soul, John Prine is suffering from COVID-19 or coronavirus disease which has no cure now. Prine of 73 years was hospitalized on Thursday and intubated Saturday night and continue to receive care but his situation is critical according to his family statement posted on his verified Twitter account.

This is very hard news to share but he needs your love and support. As you support him over the years. Send your wishes and on his official website @JohnPrineMusic as we praying for his healing.

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