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Salena Gomez just releases another,’ boyfriend music video, but there’s a catch. Two weeks after unveiling the official visual for the song, Gomez has returned with a completely different video concept that features nothing but dolls. Directed by the creators of the Instagram fandom accounts @salenagomez.doll, Gomez gets scaled down to size in the take but the scenario – much like her amphibian obsession – stays the same as all her suitors end up becoming frogs.

In the infection chorus for the lighthearted track, Gomez sings, I want a boyfriend / but I just keep hitting dead ends/try to take a shortcut, but I get cut/ again and again / I want a boyfriend / to tell me, is there any good one left? I keep finding the wrong ones, but I want love/ again and again / want a boyfriend.

Boyfriend as fans known is one of three new tracks to appears on the deluxe edition of Gomez number one third studio album, Rare. The revamped LP also includes new jams, ” she ” and also finds room for the 2016 deep cut “fell me”.

In announcing iTs release, the former Disney darling describes boyfriend as a lighthearted song about falling down and getting back up time and time again in love but also knowing that you don’t need anyone another than yourself to be happy.

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