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Sazae-san is the world’s longest-running animated television series which suspends the airing of the new episode on 17 May due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This animated series was first to come since 1975, 45 years ago, that the family anime had to resort rerunning old episodes because it had no more new episodes in production.

The staff will announce on the animes official website and other venues when new episodes will resume, as soon as it is decided. Next, the anime will return the May 27, 2018 episode that highlighted the husband and father of Sazae-san’s family, Masuo, next Sunday. Masuo’s voice actor Hiroshi Masuoka passed away due to cancer on March 21.

The return will use the current ” Tokyo Version” of the opening animation sequence, as well as a different version of the play at home ” Janken ” game that the anime traditionally airs at the end.

In the anime, voice actress Midori Kato had stated on radio Nikkie’s program on April 4 that the Sazae-san anime has halted voice recording sessions indefinitely due to the concerns over COVID-19. Kato voice the titular Sazae Fuguta on the show. Kato stated on the radio program that currently she is doing fine.

The anime adaptation of Machiko Hasegawa’s family life manga Sazae-san began airing in October 1969. The anime is usually the highest ranked animated series in Japan each week. In 2013, the show was awarded the Guinness World Record for longest-running animated television series, an award it extended last year.

In last time Sazae-san had stop production for one month in 1975, when the first ” oil shock” led to a rise in production costs. Chibi Maruko- Chan also stopped airing new episodes since last month. Chibi Maruko-Chan is an almost consistently television anime series after Sazae-san and Detective Conan.

The Sazae-san anime began airing a new opening sequence for the first time in 10 years in April. Since January 1974, the openings have shown the titular Sazae character traveling to different places in Japan. The new opening marks the second time the opening has been set in Tokyo, since the opening that aired from April 2010 to March 2011. The new opening features location such as the Tokyo station and market.

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