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In 2019 Jagex released the much-anticipated Land out of Time expansion for Runescape, featuring an island full of prehistoric creatures to hunt and slay. piggybank off of Runescape 3’s Land out fo Time update, Which added dinosaurs, the archaeology update returns to a focus on the past. Players will be able to explore five different dig sites, Where they will evacuate and restore relics in exchange for new powers and other rewards. Only time will tell if this new skill will be able to measure up to the content Old School RuneScape is getting, Such as its new 80 player raid, with the game’s waning player base, RuneScape 3 fans will be glad to see content that might bring in new players.

“We had kept in mind every type of player exploring this skill,” Says, content developer Ryan Philpott.”You will get snippets of lore instead of an information dump that could overwhelm casual fans. That said, there still much to learn and it’s drip-fed generously, Which is tailored to a hardcore, higher-level crowd, our rewards for Archaeology can be appreciated at any level.”


If you have dedicated yourself to Archaeology you can obtain an elite skilling outfit, granting your unlimited teleports to dig sites and an increased success rate for excavation. Most importantly, there’s an adorable new skilling pet to swoon over. Archaeology is designed to bring the community together. A closed economy ensures that all items are tradeable, allowing players to work together to level up. Veteran adventures will be training alongside those polishing their brand new mattocks. This opens up the potential for mentoring as players connect.

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