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When talking about the Roy Mustang. Then the Roy Mustang is the Fire Alchemist having supreme command over warmth and fire through speculative chemistry. When they utilizing unique gloves that make a sparkle When he snaps his fingers, Roy will make anything from a little ash to consume a letter, toa furious inferno that can annihilate a humanoid body right away.

Roy Mustang is the Flame Alchemist having absolute control over heat and fire through alchemy. Then using special gloves that create a spark when he snaps his fingers, Roy can create anything from a tiny ember to burn a humanoid body is second. He is one of the superiors of Edward Elric. On the surface, he will be military who pursues promotions and praise and is considered a ladies man who constantly goes on dates with different women.

Ostensibly Pompous and energetically manipulative, Mustang is keen and quite often out in front of his rivals, and then likes to feel in charge of the circumstances. He will also one of the bosses of Edward Elric. All accounts, he gives off an impression of being just a man of the military who seeks after advancements and acclaims and is viewed as a women’s man who continuously goes on dates with various ladies.

This bond comes full circle in the last scenes of the anime when Mustang picks Hawkeye alone to go with the most noteworthy and most risky strategy. He will stay frequented by the repulsions of war and languishes extraordinary regret over the lives he took.

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