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In a piece of recent news from WWE, Roman Reigns is reportedly out from his WrestleMania match that is going to be held with Goldberg. Resources said that Roman Reigns told WWE that is not comfortable performing at the WWE performance center during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact that his fight against Leukemia left him immunocompromised, and he also doesn’t want to take the risk to his health.

WWE is also agreed to his decision and reigns will be replaced with someone else for the WWE championship match but at this point, WWE not confirm yet who will take place in the absence of Roman Reigns. Because of center treatment weaken the immune system, cancer patients are among the higher risk from COVID-19 pandemic.

This is going to be his first Wrestlemania absence in seven years means that there will be major consequences going forward. No blame can be placed on Roman Reigns, as his life is far more important than a match at Wrestlemania. We respect him for making that call. Now let’s talk about who will replace Roman Reigns.

Someone like Braun Strowman comes to mind since, as of this point, he’s not one of the cards. Then again, WWE could go a completely different direction and put someone like Shane McMahon in the match or go with a squash bout. With the show on two nights, perhaps one wrestler can fight twice if he looses his first fight and coming back to beat Goldberg on another night.

WrestleMania 36 will take place on April 4th and 5th and was being taped yesterday and today at the PC and other venues.

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