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To celebrate May the fourth, Disney + is rolling out ” the rise of skywalker ” on its Disney + streaming service a full two months early, uniting all nine chapters of the skywalker saga films in one place for the first time.

What began in 1977 with George Lucas, groundbreaking film star wars: A new hope, the nine-part saga is available within Disney + extensive collection of star war movies land series including the Mandalorian star war. The Clone Wars, and rogue one: a star war story, Disney wrote in the statement .

The rise of skywalker, hit theaters in December to conclude the new trilogy of films that continued to story begun by luke skywalker, princess Leia, Han solo and others in the original film 30 years after the event of a return of the Jedi, spoiler alert the dark side is still going strong even as a new character like Rey, Kylo ren, Finn and Poe Dameron pave a new path in the galaxy far, far away. And of course, R2 -D2 and C- 3PO are still up to their own tricks. Disney + is making may of fourth with a concept art takeover of the streaming service.

Like a commemorative gallery, each film and series artwork will be updated on May 4th to feature its an original concept, paintings, Disney said. Form star wars. A new hope to the Mandalorian the updated art will feature work from celebrated artists such as legendary Ralph and academy award-winning artist, author, and production, designer, Doug Chiang.

Speaking of the Mandalorian the original series set in the days after returns of the Jedi,disney+ is launching a new documentary on the making of the tv series for May the fourth, the streaming service, the final season of the animated series, star war, the clone wars. Will air its final episode on May 4, bringing, the series to a close.

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