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Rick and Morty the old Man and the seat S04 OR E02 is the second episode of season four then Over in TV Time users is high rated it 9.7/10 with their favorite characters being Justice Roilamd as Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Justin Roiland (Rick Sanchez), Sarah Chalke (Beth Smith).

Old man scientifically-gifted but Rick is a mentally-unbalanced who has recently reconnected with his family. The Old man and the seat shows us the Kind of thing Rick gets up to when he isn’t adventuring with Morty, and it’s gloriously petty stuff. Younger grandson Morty in Dangerous they are involving in this and spend a lot of time, Outlandish adventure throughout space and an alternate universe. These events cause Morty much distress at home and at school.

Rick has a new intern, Glotie, and alien with a warning sign tattooed on his forehead, unfortunately, stupid Jerry is and predict the upcoming disaster, but water rights for Earthlings aren’t Rick’s priority right now. Rick is a shy pooper and has a secret, serene spot in which to empty his bowels, boasting the kind of hallucinogenic scenery any sci-fi loving stoner would kill to defecate in.

When Rick discovers an anomaly is his porcelain paradise, but he feels a personally attacked, his scared seat used by another, lesser individual. Rick cycles through extensive records of previous poops to find the odd one out, then on, Rick travels the galaxy, on a quest to discover the audacious intruder. Rick lives maxed-out avatar who has exhausted the depths of their video game, his headquarters packed with precious items.

As much as the writer deserves credit for featuring all five members of the Smith/Sanchez household equally, you do have to wonder if this episode would have been better off focusing only on the Morty/Jerry or Beth/Summer stories.

At the very least the latter could have been further considered, as all the material basically recycles the same interchangeable soulmates gag over and over. That is funny to see what happens when Morty takes Jerry along for the ride and suddenly has to become the Rick of his own story.

We have seen extreme lengths to deal with a minor inconvenience. that means basically the entire premise Pickle Rick after all. And been shown before Rick ultimately a very lonely and self-loathing individual. and in the last scene trademark Rick and Morty ennui. Does reinforce the new post-season 3 status quo.

Rick lost her all power like grip power and in many ways all the pointless falling and revenging seems like a man trying to regain some semblance of control and self-esteem. Here hopping that Ricka/Jerry-driven episode soon a la Rest and Ricklaxation.

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