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Fans of Jersey Shore know that DJ Pauly D is the ultimate prank War champion. From moving all of the shore House Furniture outside to be getting Angelina Pivarnick back on the show in Season 1 of Family Vacation, Pauly prides himself on getting one over on his roommates. Prank victims get a chance for a payback with help from two Jersey Shore alums in the new series Revenge Prank ith Pauly D and Vinny tonight, June 25, aT 9 P.M. ET on MTV you can also stream the show premiere on Fubo TV.

The Concept of their latest MTV venture, Revenge Prank, is simply: Practical Joke victims write into Vinny and Pauly for the chance to get payback on a friend or loved one. As Pauly would say, things might get AWKWARD. What is someone you knew pranked the out of you n front of the entire world? The show teases. Enter Pauly and Vinny. They’re be helping the prank get payback with the wildest prank ever. If you can dream it, they can prank it.

The show taps into viral internal pranks by giving the victims of these stunts the chance to exact their revenge on the friends, family members, or loved ones who originally embarrassed them. Delvecchio or Guadaginino will team up with the individual in each episode with the pairs attempting to pull off elaborate and over the top pranks to deliver the ultimate payback.

Gobstopper is no stranger to being working with MTV having made be reality show Just Tattoo of Us for MTV International, which was localized as How Far Is Tattoo far? in the U.S. Its pother credits will be included Filthy House SOS, Which was be made for ViacomCBS’s UK broadcaster Channel 5.