Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

This page will provide information regarding our ” Privacy and Policy”.

Visxnews knows the importance of privacy so we respect your privacy and it,s our main responsibility to maintain the privacy of every user who visits our website. visxnews is fully transparent about the data we collect from the user and how we use the user data. The user agrees to our privacy policies by visiting our website. We strongly recommend you to read this page so that you can understand our website policies.

Collected Information

The user doesn’t need to provide their personal information. We wouldn,t demand any personal information from our users. We collect your personal information from you Only if you want to submit your information to us or the user has registered on our site for some services. We may collect some information from the user like name, email address, address, contact number. We may use this information for improving our user experience by providing appropriate content to our users. We don,t sell or send your personal information to any organization or any private person.

Automatically collected information

Automatic information is the information Which our website saves when some users visited the website to read pages and browse some information. Automatic information includes your Internet protocol address your operating system and your internet service provider and your browser, operating system, etc. This information does not include any user personal information. Many time our site has the links of other sites or some third-party apps So the user make sure to read the privacy policy of other websites.


Cookies are very small text files that contain some small amount of information about the user cookies are mainly stored in your phone storage or in your computer hard drive. VisxNews collect your cookies information when you visit our website we use cookies to improve the experience of their user. cookies are used to understand the interest of the user and provide appropriate content to the user. User can choose to accept or decline cookies from the browser setting bust cookies are helpful for better User experience.

Changes and Updates

Visxnews has the power in his hands to change the privacy and policy of the website at any time so it’s responsibility of the user to check periodically about the privacy and policies of the website if we change something or update something in over website policies we will send the details on your email address or we will notify you through notification on our website.


If you have any Query or Questions regarding our privacy and policy please contact us.