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Riverdale stans and even viewers have been questions about Vanessa Morgan and Michale Kopech’s sudden split. In Real Housewives of Atlanta watchers first met Kopech when he will appear on Kim Zolciak’s series. After the athlete started dating Brielle in 2016, he will be made cameos on season 5 and 6 of the reality show and they will be tried to convince dad Kroy Biermann that he was The One for her.

Per The Chicago Tribune, Michael Kopech filed for divorce from Vanessa Morgan Mziray as she was identified in the Citation on June 19. The trade report that Kopech filled the case in northeast Texas Morris County, his hometown. The vase was reportedly sealed on Monday and a hearing has been set to be scheduled. In Vanessa morgan and the Michael Kopech has been originally beginning dating back in 2016 following kopeck’s breakup with Brielle Biermann and became engaged in July 2019.

Ariana then quipped, we never thought he was be going to break up with you, and then we were be all like, oh, f—k. Kroy has to be noted at the time that there was no warning sign for the split. I was literally with him for a week and then two days later, he was like, Let’s just take a break, Brielle recalled on the show. And I’m Just like Ok dude Like, I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you.

Kopech subsequently will begin seeing Morgan, who stars as Toni Topaz on the CW’s Riverdale. They wed in January 2020. I really feel like he’s my twin flame. I will believe the celebs aligned, she will be gushed on the white sox Talk podcast throughout a joint interview with the Kopech that the very same month.


Michael Kopecgh had been recently opted not to participate in the shortened 2020 MLB season, citing personal reasons and before that, he had opted out of workout to tend to a personal matter, at this time, outlets have been unable to reach Kopech for comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Vanessa morgan is currently set to be returned for the upcoming fifth season of Riverdale, which is be expected to be ramping up production soon ahead of its tentative return in January 2021. As of this writing, there been no indication as to how the writing staff plans to address her pregnancy.