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Jamie Otis is felling emotionally amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday, the married at first sight alum, 33 got candid about what it like being 37 weeks pregnant during the health crisis, breaking down in tears in an Instagram video after getting tested for coronavirus under the recommendation of her doctor.

“I feel really, really ridiculous about. I’m crying like all the time these days. I feel so, silly “, she said in her video filmed in the car, ” I don’t know why, but I’m genuinely just so nervous “. Otis said she started doubting herself after getting the coronavirus test, which typically involves medical professionals taking nose and throat swabs from the patient.

” Just the swab – I mean, that hurt really bad”. She shared through tears. ” I was like if I can’t handle the swab going up my nose, how am I gonna have unmedicated childbirth? I think I m just a little overwhelmed that I feel so annoyed at myself for being such a swap a wimp about this ”

Otis who shares 2.5-year-old daughter Henley’s grace with husband Doug Hehner, then expresses her worries of annoying, her family with her emotions, telling fans, I’m impatient. I don’t know how to reset my brain so I can just chill the F out.

This is not how I want to behave or how I want to feel going into delivering my baby, she continues. ” Gosh, this is a Nightmare’ “. However, Otis says she is trying to stay positive, amid the outbreak. I’m trying to meditate, I’m trying to think happy thoughts, ” she shares before taking a deep sigh. I don’t know how to calm my brain and be just a positive, happy person. I’m so fortunate that I am able to stay home and quarantine. I’m lucky that I have a low-risk pregnancy so I’m able to give birth at home.

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