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All PC players who own Fallout 76 through Bethesda.net will get the stream version for free. Anyone who purchases Fallout 76 through Bethesda.net before April 13 and links their stream and Bethesda accounts will get the game for free on stream. Own Fallout 76 on OC already but wish you could play the game through a stream? You will be able to do so starting on April 14, the same day that new Wastelanders expansion launches.

Atoms and Fallout 1st memberships will not transfer between the platforms, but any items purchased through the shop will be available across both Bethesda.net and Stream. The offers only apply to the PC version. Xbox One and PS4 players will have to purchase the stream version separately in order to access it, and the game doesn’t support cross-platform play. From April 14-28, anyone who purchases the game form stream will also receive the Fallout classic collection with the original two games and Fallout Tactics for free. This applies to those who claim the free stream version via their Bethesda.net account, as well.

Fallout 76 had a rough start when it was released in November 2018, but it’s since found a dedicated community. The Wastelanders update is expected to bring new story content, including human NPCs, to Appalachia. Fallout 76 will go live on stream on April 14, Which also when the fallout 76 Wastelanders update rolls out.

Wastelanders will also add, New quests, Locations, and bases, and anew reputation system, and more. Ever since we shared details about Fallout, Stream launch earlier this year, We have received feedback from PC players in the community who would like to able explore Appalachia on both stream and Bethesda.Net. Bethesda Said on its blog. ” We want you to be able to play on your PC platform for free.”

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