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Outlander season 5’s latest episode has left the audience on the edge of their seats as the Fraser and Mackenzie families have been through some extremely traumatic events. Roger MacKenzie was hanged and almost died while Young la tried to take his own life in her latest installment.

The official Outlander Twitter account officially confirmed that the upcoming episode would be somewhat delayed, writing and We are not okay clan, We need 2 weeks to recover, so join-us back next Sunday for an Outlander season 5 marathon.

Warning Rumors ahead for those who have yet to see episode 7 and the emotional episode saw one of the main characters, Murtagh did while fighting the red coats, but had an even more shocking ending as it appeared that Brianna Fraser’s husband, Roger had been killed.

Outlander show fans are waiting the moment Stephen Bonnet as returns and demands to take custody of young Jemmy. Bonnet could be the father of Jemmy after her raped Brianna Fraser as Sophie Skeleton in season 4 but Roger as Richard Rankin may also be the young lad’s dad.

In the trailer for episode 9, Monsters and Heroes, Jamie can be heard telling Roger. We must kill Stephen Bonnet If I cannot if you must.

The reveal does do not sit well with Brianna who looks terrified at the prospect of losing her son.

Outlander has seen a number of its characters take on struggles the time-bending show. One of the characters from Starz show who has gone through quite a huge change over the years is Roger Mackenzie as Richard Rankin. Roger struggled to come to terms with moving to the past to be with his wife Brianna Fraser as Sophie Skeleton but he eventually yielded and made the transition.

Roger has only just decided to carry on with his life in the past, so a huge story beat involving his further transition into an 18th-century man is surely on its way.

The last 3 seasons of Outlander premiered 13 episodes each. But unfortunately, fans will get a slightly shorter run this time around season 5 of Outlander will premiere with a total of 12 episodes. But there’s amazing news Starz has already renewed the show for season 6.

Now fans of the show have recently pointed out a Reddit. He was laying there tied up in the Jamaican cave listening to Claire and Geillis talk about the time-traveling before Claire killed Geillis.

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