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When the Ori and will of wisps is an intoxicating feast for the senses. At the time he was a cinematic artist at Blizzard, working on a blockbuster like StarCraft and Diablo, and he was stuck by the Xbox One game’s art style in particular. In 2D world looked like a painting that had come to life. He likely chance to contribute to that world he joined Ori developer Moon Studios as art director on the game sequel.

The desire to create a sequel wasn’t just about Ori’s fantastic world and the latest story. So, I think that that 2D game is a dying breed. there are more companies that really push the production values for 2D games. When the Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which is out on the Xbox One and PC today.similar to the original game is most respect. There the greatest focus on action in the sequel, as well as some other changes like new side quests and a revamped save system.

In the starting of the game was be the concept of art. Its almost like there this collection of fragmented ideas, It’s the interplay between design and art. Then one unique thing of the Ori series, though, is that because of the game’s painterly art style, sometimes make it directly into the game with only a few changes.

The team had a solid base to build from with the original Blind Forest, but there were some changes they wanted to make for the sequel. One of the big shifts was that, despite still being a 2D game, the character model is actually 3D this time around.

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