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Nintendo has big plans for Mario’s 35th anniversary which, put in a non-gamer way, is 2020. So you see how it’s relevant. According to the British website Video games Chronicle, Nintendo has plans to hold an event in celebration of the plumber’s three-and-a-half decade run as the star of his own mainline series. According to multiple sources who have spoken to VGC, Nintendo has some special plans for the Super Mario Bros. Nintendo is set to Re-release most of the Super Mario main games.

Titles like Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy are specially mentioned. A special 35th-anniversary event was planned for E3 2020, though due to ongoing pandemic coronavirus crisis, Nintendo is now reviewing those plans. The company could opt for a digital showcase instead if the time os right. When asked for a comment Nintendo gave the usual spill of them not commenting on rumors or speculation. For its worth, this isn’t the first time we have heard ourselves. Super Mario has already made waves with the new LEGO set as well as the new Super Nintendo world information. We certainly wouldn’t rule out a bigger push later in the year.

Other titles to be on the lookout for including Paper Mario and Super Mario 3D world deluxe version that continues Nintendo’s theme of slightly upgrading WiiU titles since nobody really bought that. Close Eurogamer’s report states that the new 3D World will come with an “array of new levels.” These plans will be revealed in greater detail alongside an announcement about the Nintendo/Universal partnership. Those two have collaborated to put together a Super Nintendo World theme park, in addition to an animated film starring Mario.

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