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New Girl star Lamorne Morris is coming back on our screens with a new comedy, and we’ve got a brand new trailer to the show you What it’s all about. The Winston actor, who also will be appeared in 2018 amazing Game Night, is leading new series woke for Hulu, and they are a comedy, it deals with some important issues.

Morris star Keef, an African American cartoonist on the verge of mainstream success. When an unexpected and Very timely incident changes everything, Keef must navigate the new voice and ideas that will be confronted and challenge hin without losing everything he’s already built.

Lamorne Morris has low-key consistently been the best part of everything he’s ever appeared in, be it the Sitcom like New Girl or comic book movie like Bloodshot, so we’re thrilled to see him leading a new Hulu comedy, Woke. The streaming service will be released the first trailer today and surprise, it looks great.

In the additionally to Morris, the cast will include T. Murph and Blake Anderson. The series was being developed by Knight and Marshall Todd. The co-creators will serve as executive producers alongside showrunner Jay Dyer, Maurice “Mo” Marble, Aeysha Carr, Richie Schwartz, John Will, Will Gluck, and Eric Christian Olsen. Kate Schumacker will serve as an executive producer on the pilot.

In May, Moris will bespoke of the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, addressing his Instagram Followers that weren’t be grasping the enormity of the situation. He wrote: Just will be int imagine Winston from New Girl begging for his neck kneeled on. Then imagine them they are killing Winston.

Knight’s work, which will include acclaimed comic strips The K Chronicles and The Knight Life, mixes autobiographical elements with the smart take on social Justice. and the series will promise to do more of the same. The artist is also the co-creator of the series. which will be blend animated elements with the live-action storytelling. The trailer offers a glimpse at how the melding of the two genres will work when Keef begins to communicate with the inanimate object after being wrongfully arrested by the police.

The role of Keef marks a return to TV for Morris who will be played Winston in all seven seasons of New Girl. Earlier this year, the actor used his platforms to bespeak out against the police brutality ion the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police officer in Minneapolis. On May 27, Morris posted a lengthy message on the Instagram account calling for Americans to tackle the issue of police brutality and systemic racism head-on.