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The latest tweet by the Creator of the series has been proved that there is a new season coming our way, which will be something we were asking for a long time. There has been a short clip revealed by the production which has been able to make the fas wonder as Deku has been able to sense something really weird about hi dream while he was been asked that whether in the 9th holder for One for All and suddenly, he wakes up with lightning-like a thing.

In His Start pro-hero Endeavor we are able to narrowly defeat a genetically enhanced monster while his fans and peers looked on helplessly from the sidelines, making for a dramatic and emotional finale. But the story did not be stopping there. After the credit, fans were treated to a teaser featuring protagonist Midoriya lzuku, AKA Deku, experiencing a nightmare back in his dorm room. In his dream, he encountered a long-line of people that eagle-eyed fas and manage readers will be recognized as the past users of One For All.

Assuming that the fifth season will maintain My Hero Academia’s close to following of its manga counterpart, we can be guessed that season 5 will be picking up during the joint training arc. During this part of the whole story. Midoriya and the rest of class 1-A joint up with 1-B do some more leveling up and honing of their abilities. Season 5 might also be covering some of the Meta Shigaraki’s backstory as well as new moves made of his crew.

There was been also a movie of the anime that was be released on Feb 26 named My hero Academia: Hero Rising which was been able to give a different aspect t of the whole series but we will still, It was been able to give a certain idea regarding the students of Us and league of Villains. With all that, we don’t have any idea we are been going to be there, but one thing is for sure that the cast is all about to remain the same as per the whole thing is been going on.