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Messiah is an American Thriller web TV show. Messiah is all set to arrive back on Netflix with its new movie. The first movie was just released, so we may have to wait a bit for the announcement for the second movie. This show is created by Michael Petroni. Season 1 for the show came up with 10 episodes in total which was just dropped off in Netflix on 1 Jan of 2020.

So after looking at the major growth in views gains in positive reviews for season 1, and the makers of the show have renewed it for the upcoming season as well.

With its gaining popularity, the show has also gone into few controversies after its arrival on Netflix. One of the main controversies was that The Royal Film Commission of Jordan requested to provocative drama and said that it wouldn’t be shown in the predominately Muslim Country.

The investigation into the mystery behind Al-Masish’s powers will continue with more clues as to his true identity. We’ll also see how his new following will develop will he use his devotes for good and evil. This show is very zeitgeisty but 7 even if it was written 10 years ago it would feel zeitgeisty. The show concerns itself with what’s going on here and now.

As we mentioned above, there is no official confirmation given yet. If we consider the storyline details from its first season. We have certain fan theory reports saying that the Janril is none other than Messiah himself. Also, It is adi that we may see a clash between him and Al-Masih in the future seasons.

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