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Mama was a Box office success and went on to earn $146 million against a small budget of $15 million. As it is usually expected from horror films that do well, fans have since then wondered if ‘Mama’ will return to haunt us again in a sequel. There were also reports that a sequel was in works for mama’ back in 2013, with some updates in 2016, but nothing quite materialized. Whether or not there will be a ‘ Mama 2’ is still in question, but it is certainly in the cards. It just may take a long while before we get there.

Mama 2 cast, stars Jessica Chastain as Annabel, Nikolaj Coster- Waldau as Lucas and Jeffrey Desange, Megan Charpentier as Victoria and Isabelle Nelisse as Lily. The film also features Daniel Kash and Javier Botet. When it was first announced that a sequel to Mama was in work, it was also revealed that Chastain would not return for it.

This was a hard blow for the fans as Chastain played a pivotal role in the original. Similarly, Javier Botet, who plays the titular character, has spoken of how there are no plans for a sequel in the near future, at least none that he aware of. In an interview with Dread Central.

He said well, there was a screenplay a few years ago. It was always a project that could be done, but I don’t know anything about it at this point. When pressed further, he said yeah we thought there might be more story to tell, especially in the first year or so after ‘Mama’ came out but now that it’s been five years, I think that window has closed. So, I don’t know.


And now we tell you that news which you want to know, The Release date of Mama 2 or can it premier? Everything seems to be up in the air for ‘Mama 2’ and we don’t even have a cast to the sequel yet. This also means that though it may someday happen, it might not include the original cast. And if it does, it will surely not happen in the near future. So, don’t hold your breath for one anytime soon. If at all ‘Mama 2’ does happen eventually, one can only expect to release sometime in 2023 or later.

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