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While many of us are spending our quarantine time vegetating in the couch, bringing Netflix and wondering why we can’t summon the mental willpower to start writing that novel we promised ourselves we would, Kevin Smith is as tirelessly productive as ever and has finished the first draft of the screenplay for his Mallrats sequel. Smith previously taking about using the lockdown to work on neglected scripts and now the focus has paid off, it seems with the filmmaker making the following announcement on his Instagram page accompanied by a brief taste of what we can expect from the pic.

In case you are unaware, the standard length for a script is between 95 to 120 pages – one page per minute of screen time is the general rule of thumb. So far the finished work to be at the lower end of the range is as he said, indicative of the fast pace of the movie.

Although Smith listed the character the actors playing them were not mentioned by name if any of them don’t return it will likely involve a rewriter rather than have another actor to play them. The reason why clerk 3 stalled for so long was that Jeff Anderson was not interested in playing Randell again and Smith presumably didn’t want to recast the Role. There may also be a few new faces.

In many cases, it will be interesting to see how the concept will be updated to reflect the character advancing ages, as people in their early 20s aimlessly hanging around a mall is somewhat standard, But fore people in 40s it would just look pathetic. Presumably, Smith has devised ways for their lives to have moved on in productive ways. While also coming up with a premise that brings them back.

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