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Love always finds its way. This weekend, Makenzie Johansen and Ross Bassett celebrate their wedding in Huntsville, Utah with their full guest list despite social distancing. While only a few of their immediate family members were able to physically attend, the couples loved ones watched their wedding on Instagram and as they said thanks to Instagram and Facebook live to capture their moment.

No one dreams of a world pandemic when they imagine their wedding. Alas, they learned to get creative. After more than a month of planning and replanning, the duo decided to use the power of technology to stream their ceremony across the nation.

MAKENZIE AND ROSS BASSETT – As the bride explains, that thinks are just supposed to happen for a reason and we can either cry about it or laugh with our situation. Though their dream voes didn’t include caterers canceling and venue change, Johansen and Bassett kept a positive outlook and focused on what truly matters that is their love story.

Ten years down the road I’m not going to be stressing over the Flora arrangements or the number of people that attended our reception because it’s not about that, said by her. It’s about the life you created and how you have moved from that moment.

It really comes down to that it’s all about Ross and his making promise to each other. They both are together since 2018, didn’t know how long the Coronavirus would impact the prospect of their wedding, so they chose to keep their original April 11 date at 4 p.m. local time, nearly 100 friends and family tuned in to watch the bride walk through her backyard to join her fiance standing under a beautifully decorated, DIY arbor.

There, the 23-year-old clad in a white, long-sleeve sheath dress with a traditional train handed her bouquet off to her impromptu maid of honor, her father. Grandma and Grandpa, moms and dads, brothers and sisters and friends here with us on social media, the officiant said during the ceremony, in which friends and family applauded with virtual hearts. Love Never Fails.

Indeed, that sentiment resonates with more than just the newlyweds. I think that the fact that they did this without the hoopla and without postponing the wedding, they show that all they need for each other. They prove their love and Congratulations to the happily married couple.

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