I want to create an original video using copyright-free videos as well as videos I prepared. I want to make a video on multiple devices like a desktop computer at home and a laptop computer in the office. Have you ever thought about these questions?

In most cases, you will probably download the video editing software before editing the video. But this time, you don’t need to download software. You can easily edit videos on your web browser with FlexClip video maker.

WHAT IS FlexClip?

FlexClip video maker is software that allows you to create and edit videos with a web browser easily. Unlike software installed and used on a general computer, it can be used on various terminals that run a web browser. Also, since the video created exists on the FlexClip server, you can continue creating it from another terminal. Here are some of the features:

⦁ No download is required.
⦁ You can filter the video.
⦁ You can create a slideshow with multiple photos.
⦁ Features include video and music trimming, effects and narration, watermarks, etc.
⦁ Picture-in-picture.
⦁ Screen recorder and video converter supported.

It is suitable for simple video production, such as promotional videos for posting on SNS or the site.


This time, we will create a very simple video by connecting the title video, two short videos, the ending video, and background music. Of course, more advanced editing is possible, but I would like you to see that you can create a video with a simple operation so that we will use simple video creation as the subject.


create project with FlexClip
Create a project in flexclip

To start making a video, you need to create a project. A project is like a workshop for making videos. It is an image of preparing a workshop and creating a video in it. We will create a new video, so click “Create new project.” and select the ratio of videos to create.


Import material in FlexClip
Import material in flexclip

Import the material into the project. If you want to use your own videos, select “From Local” and select a local video file and upload it. If you want to use the videos provided by FlexClip, select “From Library” and select the videos from the video library provided by FlexClip. If you want to use a part of the video file, select the part of the video you want to use and click “Crop.”


insert text in FlexClip
Insert text in flexclip

As a title video, create a video that displays the title characters at the start of the video. As the ending video, create a video that displays the ending characters at the end of the video. Select a black background and select “Text” from the left menu. Various text patterns are available, so choose the one you like. Double-click the text in the preview on the right.


add music in FlexClip
Add music in your video

If there is no sound, it will be a lonely video, so add music. Select “Music” from the left menu. If you want to use your own music, select “Select music locally” and select a local music file (terminal such as a computer).

If you want to use the music provided by FlexClip, select “Add Library Music” and select from the music library provided by FlexClip. It is categorized by category and genre, and you can also search by keyword.


Add transitions in FlexClip
Add transition in your videos

The videos are almost complete by the work so far, but by default, switching between videos has no effect and switches quickly. That’s not good, so here we set transitions (effects) for switching between videos. By applying a transition, the joints of the video will switch coolly.

Click the seam of the video you want to transition to. Select the transition you like and click Apply. When you set the transition, the icon at the joint of the video changes. Set transitions for other video joints in the same way.


Export in FlexClip
Export your videos

Here comes the end of video creation. Check the completed video and finally export the video file. Click the play button at the bottom of the screen. Playback of the created video will start. Check the video content, and if this works, click “Export” to export the video. Select the resolution of the exported video. (In addition to MP4, you can also export in GIF format)

The resolution that can be selected is only 480p for free use, and 720p or 1080p can be exported for the paid version. Set the intro, the name, and the creator of the video. Click Export.


Price plans for FlexClip
Pricing for flexclip

The free version (free plan) has some restrictions compared to the paid version. If you want to use the full functionality, a plus plan or a business plan is good. There is no functional difference between the free version and the paid version. Just choose a plan according to your need.


In this article, we introduced how to use the FlexClip video maker. I explained the procedure for creating a simple video. FlexClip has more than 1 million media resources such as videos and images without you having to prepare your own videos and images. Also, they are all copyright-free.

You can use the free version to create a video in minutes. So I think it’s a good idea to try it first. It’s OK if you switch to the paid version after trying it and wanting to make more use of it. Now go for it!