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The cult classic mafia series is being remade according to a series of official and unofficial reveals. This situation is a bit confusing so bear with us. First off we can confirm that 2k and developer hanger 13 is working on a project simply known as mafia trilogy. As you might imagine this project will see all three mafia games be re-released with various enhancement. All of those titles are expected to be available for play station 4 Xbox, one, and Google stadia and they should be available by the end of 2020.

Here’s where things get a bit confusing because it seems like some of the details and footage for this collection were released a bit early, there are various details floating out in the wild right now which seemingly haven’t been officially confirmed but as pretty much a guarantee at this point.

As it stands, it seems like mafia 2 and 3 will joy more of a simple remaster treatment. That is to say that you should expect each title to benefit from minor visual upgrades but not much else. A leaked listing in the Microsoft Store suggests that the mafia 2 remaster could be available as early as May 19. We suspect the mafia 3 remaster may be available around the same time.

What’s really interesting at this time, though is what developer hanger 13 Is doing with the original mafia game. Again, that game seemingly hasn’t been officially confirmed at this time, but early leaked Footage of the title suggests that it will be a remark of 2002 original and not a remaster. Current rumors suggest that the remarks of mafia could be released later this year, so it’s not clear at this time whether or not these titles will be featured as part of one retail package or if their release will initially be staggered.

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