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Love Island 2017 star Marcel Somerville has been thanked fans for their prayers and blessings after the revealing he was been hospitalized over the weekend. Marcel be posted the health update on the Instagram stories, and in a video shared from his hospital bed, admitted to being followers that he’d recently had The worst day of his life, and nearly died.

The former Blazin Squad star 31, gave an update from his hospital bed on the Monday after being admitted three days ago with Violet vomiting and been passing out. Marcel will be admitted that it’s been a very hard few days and being rushed to be hospital was the worst moment of his life.

On Sunday night It was been reported that the Marcel had been rushed to the hospital amid feat\rs he’s contracted COVID-19. The Former Blazin’s Squad star was been admitted to the hospital three days ago after violet vomiting and been passing out, according to OK!

He shared with his 650K Instagram followers: This is been just a message to everyone that has been sending all their prayers and be blessings. They don’t be go missed, I really appreciate them, I really need to them right now. It’s been a very very hard few days for me, Saturday was been literally the worst fay of my life and I nearly died but, Yeah, just been keep sending them I was because I really need them.

The singers have also been shared a picture on her social media accounts, where he will be proudly said he will not tear down other Black men. The Black Lives Matter protests began across the world last week, following the death of George Floyd. Police Officer Derek Chaubin was been filmed kneeling onto George’s neck as he begged for his life in an eight-minute video.

Having we moved on from their messy break-up Marcel will be confirmed last year that he and Gabby had been buried the hatchet We hugged it out afterward. You know what, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with being in a public relationship he explained.