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One direction, are going to reunite in their tenth anniversary this July, But then, unfortunately, the fifth members from the group, Zaun Malik would be absent in the reunion. But then the shocking news is fans were revealed by Liam Payne on an Instagram live with DJ Alsesso. The fans are very absent then mentioned than Zayn cannot be replaced. Louis Tomlinson reportedly told Liam not to reveal too much about their apparent reunion. After Liam Payne revealed that one Direction was in talks to reunite for their tenth anniversary in July, he has now seemingly confirmed that Zayn Malik would be a part of it and fans are naturally posting.

Then DJ Alesso during an Instagram live, Liam shared that he was told off by Louis Tomlinson for revealing too much about their reunion already. Then we follow the comment than drawn the ire of the fandom. And he told Alsesso Despite fans speculating on whether Zayn, who left the group in 2015, Liam’s comment essentially confirms that he would not be. Fans are stating that if a reunion does not include him. when then it doesn’t want it chile. Liam implies the someone could fill in members.

Many fans noticed or talk of this reunion generally feature Louis and Niall Horan’s names, stating Lol the fact we know Zayn and Harry have been avoiding him. and only talk about Niall and Louis. An in anger fans perfectly fine with the blatant Zayn exclusion. Zayn out of this we are happy. and the zayn alone tweeting keep Zayn out yore mouth. Then the fans honest fan said gotta get over this weird obsession they have zayn needs to file that restraining order ASAP.

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