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LET IT SNOW – As John Cusack tells us in the first few minutes of this teen rom-com, the snow has the power to bring us together and so does music. Ever starved Christmas content come mid-November, But this year sleigh seems stacked higher than ever before.

The lifetime Channel has gone all out and decided to show its festival films 24/7 up until the 25th including the 28 new ones, The channel is releasing a mammoth 40 new titles and, most noticeably for a wider audience, Then the Netflix has increased its seasonal output with six new movies and four show.

But as the glossy yet gormless last Christmas crash-lands into cinemas, there’s a smaller yet far more entertaining arriving on Netflix, a film as a Familiar and also a surprisingly hard to resist. They all over based on a book featuring three stories, and they are written by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, Let it Snow is a one but not the least example of what happens when the Netflix algorithm machine spews out something that actually feels like a real movie.

It’s an ensemble tale set on Christmas Eve in a small, Snow town filled with plenty of that the one from? All actors of whom are on the hugely charming form. There’s Tobin Mitchell Hope from Disney’s popular Descendants franchise. who loved with his best friend Duke Kiernan Shipka, of Mad Men and then Sabrina fame. Who is trying to organize a last-minute festive party?

There’s Julie Isabela Merced from instant family and Dora and the Lost City of Gold, they are the struggling with her major decision as they bump into the famous singer started the get down, who also voiced Miles Morales in spider-verse, and trying to shake off his bitchy publicist Kira.


Their chemistry between the various couples and the segues into more serious, the sentimental territory is mostly smooth although argue there are a few too many scenes where one character storms away from another the power of these dramatic exist diminishing by the end. And the British TV director Luke Snellin has figured out how to evoke just the right amount of festive spirit while avoiding overkill and also wisely picks a soundtrack.

Some poorly directed Netflix original of late, it makes a striking difference and at a brief 93 minutes, Let It Snow comes and goes before you know it, and there every chance the memory of watching it will have all the melted by the time Christmas come around. But then the biggest Suprise mustered more festive cheer from me than I hope and for those eager to get in the mood, it was all the same.

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