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Like in her song ” Telephone”, Lady Gaga was k- kinda busy during her previous interview with Jimmy Fallon. Last Wednesday the singer was supposed to go On the” tonight show” with a big announcement, and the whole thing went south quickly. I cant Jimmy. I can’t talk right now”, Gaga said during the call, adding ” Am I on tv? “

The ‘stupid Love ‘ singer than changes the call on Friday, before calling back and changing it again on Monday. On Monday, true to her words, Gaga showed up.

I’m so sorry, Gaga said with a laugh, ” we weren’t quite ready yet”, and I really appreciate you being so nice about it, And thank you and I love you. I love your viewers and everyone at home watching. I just wish everybody well.

By the time of the call, the big news was already revealed. Lady Gaga would be coordinating a massive COVID-19 benefit special with global citizens and the world: together at home, it will stream on basically ever major service April 18.

Gaga then dished the deets, saying the event will include athletes, actors, ” Sesame Street ” characters and more. Plus, it’ll be hosted by night holy Trinity, the triple trifecta of Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert.

“Especially at this time, I don’t think there are an NBS and a CBS ABC rating thing. It doesn’t matter at this point, ” Fallon said. ” It’s about entertaining and getting out there and telling everybody and reassuring everyone and spreading kindness and saying,’ Hey we are in this. Let’s help each other when we can.

Hear all about it below, and give everyone participating in some special some applause, applause applause.

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