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Kristen Stewart got the best 30th birthday applause from her ladylove Dylan Meyer on Instagram this Friday. Their relationship went known last August when they were caught closing up lips on a porch in New York City. In September, In The International Film Festival, Stewart and Meyer both were noticed sporting PDA.

This time, the two were seen holding hands of each other on a night out, according to the photos published. Things appear to be pushing fast between the two.

In a November 5 interview with Howard Stern, Kristen Stewart revealed that she’s prepared to propose her and she already confided Meyer that she wants to marry her. Stewart is going out with screenwriter Dylan Meyer and has already been meant that she wants to propose her partner. Meyer confirmed that she’s every bit as smitten with Stewart by posting a loving selfie with her.

In mid-August when Stewart and Meyer these two caught smooching up on the freeways of New York City. Although some believed that the screenwriter was just a stint during Stewart and Maxwell’s off-yet-again stage, a source said otherwise. Kristen is expending time with Dylan and seems very happy about it.

She was noticing Stella for a little bit while it did work, but now she has moved on with Dylan. The source added that Stewart is “focused” on her bond with Meyer presently. The Twilight celeb Kristen said that she already had two proposal plans mapped out in her head.

Kristen said to Dylan that she loved her two weeks into the affair, which started up six years after they early met. Making a guest impression on the radio program The Howard stern show, Stewart revealed that she first met Meyer on a picture set six years ago. The two lost connection until Meyer showed up at a common friend’s birthday party, where sparks flew.

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