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Kate Hudson posts a quarantine bathroom selfie this Friday on her Instagram account and let’s just say that the 41 years old mama has still got it. Sporting her in pigtails and a green bikini, the selfie was looking definitely beautiful as an actress sat in front of a mirror that showcased the pretty green shaded wallpaper. She is sitting on a stool, with folding legs up and she wrote caption under the pic, ” green heart emoji, and #TalesFromMyBathroom with bathroom emoji point out her swimsuit and her floral wallpaper.

Fans were giving lots of sweet comments on her green bikini photo while some focused on her wallpaper. Her one of fan comment ” You are naturally beautiful with heart emoji”, @ kate Hudson, some said to love your wallpaper. Some mamas also commented on the spots that were seen in the mirror.


Are those spots on the mirror or their patches of some kind on you? You are still looking gorgeous, I first thought were sensors on you got worried. Also, green is my favorite color, wrote by one user on her post I which Kate replied, it’s actually my daughter’s fingerprints on my mirror with heart emoji.

One fan posted, OMG you need a tan and other wrote, I once saw a ghost on a pic like this. Turns out it was dust on the mirror. You’re always absolutely beautiful. I love the green with heart emoji commented by another user Seems are all the green colors lovers come together. The actress recently made history along with her mother Goldie Hawn and one-year-old Rani as the trio were feature on the cover of the people’s Beautiful Issue. This was the first time three generations of a family have graced the magazine together. The alternative version of the cover feature Kate lifting her beautiful dress with Rani around her legs laughing.


Kate posted this pic by posting cation in her Instagram, inspiring by the cover of The Beautiful Issue @people I felt inspired to share some people that I have felt are exemplary and showing us the most beautiful acts of kindness, love, and humanity happening in the world right now, and those working to take care of all of us. Let’s share the love right now.

I would like to start by saying every single frontline health workers are exemplary and we thank you. Share your stories in the comments below, and tag those #BeautifukPeople doing #BeautifulThings With your help I would love to hear your stories and continue sharing and highlight new people.

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